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Manufacture of stainless steel products

Since 2015, BETAR has been actively developing a new direction - the manufacture of stainless steel products.

At the moment the company produces for its operational needs and deals with individual customers. We apply advanced methods of metal welding and assembly. Our specialists develop custom products for different industries, service areas, office interiors and landscape design.


Stainless steel items are mainly produced by using tig / mig welding. The grinding and polishing are made on professional equipment of the company Grid and with consumables of leading manufacturers such as Trizact and 3M, that allows quick and accurate surface treatment without overheating and deformation of products.

Why is it worth to cooperate with us:

We buy materials of highest quality only. Our products are made of heat-resistant steel with high chromium content AISI 304

Products are designed in CAD / CAM program of the modern Kompas-3D system

The use of a variety of latest, high-precision equipment from the world's leading machine tool manufacturers DMG, Sodick, Ferrari, ANKA, HISION

Our specialists

Highly qualified specialists with all skills needed for the best performance

We manufacture products according to BETAR’s own drawings, as well as custom design sketches, in this case all sketches pass throught the necessary updating by our engineers

  • We offer design solutions tailored to the customers’ requirements (a unique product for your home)
  • We provide remote work while coordinating the layout
  • Quotation is offered in 2-5 days, depending on the complexity of the project

Our services

You can count on us to offer you the following:

Литье изделий из пластмасс под давлением
stairs of any complexity
Литье изделий из резиновой смеси
stair railing
Литье изделий из 2-х компонентного жидкого силикона
balcony balustrade
Удаление технологического облоя с изделий из резины на криогенном оборудовании
canopies and awnings
Испытание пресс-форм и изготовление опытных партий изделий
Обслуживание и хранение пресс-форм
furniture and accessories
Доставка готовой продукции заказчику на особых условиях
industrial equipment
Литье изделий из пластмасс по пресс-форме заказчика
other structures made of stainless steel for houses, streets and industrial buildings

The technology of decorating volumetric objects and parts


Aquaprint (immersion printing) technology for decorating voluminous objects and parts. With this type of printing, you can cover a variety of hard surfaces: plastic, metal, glass or ceramics.

Advantages of the aquaprint technology:

  1. resistance to the negative effects of external environmental factors (temperature changes, resistance to moisture, vibration and UV)
  2. low cost price
  3. a wide range of applications (car interiors and drives decoration, furniture industry, advertising industry, manufacture of Souvenirs and decorative products)
  4. excellent operating performance

Allows you to imitate the following surfaces:

  • wood
  • 3D carbon fiber
  • stone
  • granite
  • brushed aluminum

Chemical metallization

Chemical metallization - the process of applying special chemical reagents, in order to obtain a decorative metal coating, such as: "gold", "chrome", and "mirror".

Advantages of the chemical metallization technology:

  1. simplicity
  2. cheapness
  3. safety (as opposed to electroplating chrome plating)
  4. wide scope of application. Coating of any solid material (plastic, iron, stone, porcelain, glass, wood, ceramics) of any size

Calculation of the order

How we work

You call us or send a technical specification to our e-mail.

You do not have a detailed project, but have an idea? Our designers will help you to develop the concept and visualize it.

The following things will help to optimize cost and accelerate the pace:

  • sketches
  • drawings
  • design project
  • technical specification

The cost of metal structures

is determined on the basis of various factors:

  • type of metal structure and its manufacturing complexity
  • the range of rolled metal and steel grade
  • performance time
  • the number of orders, etc.

Our design department is ready to execute any projects, taking into account all requirements and wishes of the customer.

Raw materials for the products can have either mirror or ground surface.